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Entertainment News Good for Your Soul

Written by Entertainment Today on July 30th, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Breaking entertainment news

Entertainment news covers a lot of ground these days. Everything from sports stars to tech updates to papal proclamations is finding its way onto the breaking news pages.

As a sports icon grows in popularity, their target audience naturally spreads to outside the sports arena. People who have never watched Tiger Woods swing a single club nonetheless know his name, his face, and his marital troubles. And Tiger is far from the most flamboyant of sports celebrities. The crazier the character, the less we care what sport they play, as long as their offseason antics continue to catch our eye.

Just as business news can encompass anything that affects business in any way (which is pretty much everything), breaking entertainment news today turns a wide angle lens on a variety of subject matters, in orde

Are You Looking for Linen Rentals for a Wedding?

Written by Entertainment Today on July 22nd, 2013. Posted in Table linen rentals for weddings, Tent rental maryland

Event tent rental

Couples who choose to have their wedding in their backyard can take advantage of wedding rental companies that offer wedding linen rentals, party tent rentals, and many other linen rentals for weddings. In fact, wedding linen rentals are perfect for wedding receptions and even corporate parties. Weddings can be quite expensive, especially in this day in age. The average cost of weddings back in 2012 was around 26,951 dollars. By using wedding linen rentals, the average couple can save money on their wedding and reception. In other words, it is more cost effective to rent wedding decorations than it is to purchase them.

If you are currently doing some research online to plan for an upcoming wedding, chances are you are a bride to be. Recent studies show 93 percent of brides use the internet to find informa