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Benefits of the Skate Boarding Community

Written by Entertainment Today on August 21st, 2017. Posted in Electric powered longboard, Electric powered skateboards

Powered skateboard

Skateboarding is about more than skating in a local skate park. It is a very athletic and entertaining sport that also allows you to see your local community. Motorized longboards, the newest trend of skate boards allow you to take your skate boarding skill outside of the traditional skate park and into the city. Also, motorized longboards provide you with the following advantages.

The ability to have fun while exercising
Anytime you get out into the streets and moving, you are exercising. Even using motorized longboards gets you moving, as you have to transport it from one location to another. You also will notice that you are strengthening your core and leg muscles as

Four Reasons to Include Artwork in Your Office

Written by Entertainment Today on August 1st, 2017. Posted in Art strategy partners, Artwork for hospitality industry, Stress free workplace

Art for hotels and restaurants

You don’t want to have an office that isn’t decorated well. It’s common to think of a workplace as where tasks need to get finished. However, you and your employees can benefit greatly from great looking office artwork. You might feel that you know nothing about choosing art for an office. One study finds that people working in enriched offices including those filled with art are 17% more productive. In this post, you will learn four reasons to include artwork in your office.

  1. Matching Artwork with the Right Space

    The wall where you are placing artwork is an important concern. Tall vertical walls work well with larger vertical styled paintings. Narrow and wider walls will benefit from having horizontal styled paintings. Effective Continue Reading No Comments